1. China Grove (2006 Remaster)3:15 
2. Long Train Runnin' (2006 Remaster)3:27 
3. Takin' It to the Streets3:40 
4. Listen to the Music3:47 
5. Black Water (Single Version)4:19 
6. Rockin' Down the Highway (2006 Remaster)3:21 
7. Jesus Is Just Alright with Me (2007 Remaster)4:35 
8. It Keeps You Runnin' (2009 Remaster)4:20 
9. South City Midnight Lady (2006 Remaster)5:29 
10. Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While) [2006 Remaster]3:40 
11. Without You (2006 Remaster)5:01 

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