1. Make It with You3:12 
2. Everything I Own3:07 
3. Diary3:09 
4. Baby I'm-a Want You2:31 
5. It Don't Matter to Me2:43 
6. If2:36 
7. Mother Freedom2:36 
8. Down on My Knees2:45 
9. Too Much Love2:47 
10. Let Your Love Go2:26 
11. Look What You've Done3:13 
12. Truckin'2:33 
13. Guitar Man3:46 
14. Aubrey3:40 
15. The Last Time4:10 
16. Sweet Surrender2:37 
17. He's a Good Lad3:01 
18. Daughter3:24 
19. Friends and Lovers3:55 
20. Lost Without Your Love2:57 

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