1. Amarillo By Morning2:52 
2. Right Or Wrong2:04 
3. The Chair2:49 
4. Ocean Front Property3:07 
5. All My Ex's Live In Texas3:18 
6. If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')2:18 
7. Ace In The Hole2:35 
8. Love Without End, Amen3:05 
9. I Cross My Heart3:30 
10. Easy Come, Easy Go3:03 
11. Check Yes Or No3:10 
1. Carried Away3:20 
2. One Night At A Time3:49 
3. Carrying Your Love With Me3:51 
4. I Just Want To Dance With You3:18 
5. Write This Down3:34 
6. The Best Day3:19 
7. Living And Living Well3:38 
8. I Hate Everything3:55 
9. Give It Away3:30 
10. I Saw God Today3:23 
11. River Of Love3:14 

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