Bass - The Future

Bass - The Future
by Bass 305


1. Bass Preamble (Euro Slow Mix)0:59 
2. Into the Future - Bass! (Berlin Radio Interpretation)3:42 
3. Ultimate Bass Challenge (Mega Low Speaker Annihilation)3:14 
4. Party Slammin' Bass (Miami Club Mix)4:34 
5. Musik of the Future (Sci Fi Bass Test)3:44 
6. Automated Digital Bass (Interactive Woofer Remix)3:30 
7. Pure Tone - Bass! (Low Frequency Audio Version)3:14 
8. Let's Do Some Scratchin' (Mega Turntable Wheels of Steel Mix)4:23 
9. Warning Signal to Computer Bass (Disk Drive Terrorism Mix)1:12 
10. Computer Bass (Rebel Science London Version)4:37 
11. B.A.S.E. Mission 305 (Air Raid Remix)4:01 
12. Spin That Wheel! (Miami Bass Scratchin')2:53 
13. Man Likes the Sound of Bass (Low Euro Bass Dub)4:54 
14. Bass Epilogue (The Communication Operation)0:46 

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