1. Son of Robot (Instrumental)4:00 
2. Midnight Crusade (Instrumental)3:30 
3. Suspended In This Disaster (Instrumental)3:20 
4. Care (Instrumental)4:27 
5. Count Bassy (Instrumental)3:55 
6. Flash (Instrumental)3:08 
7. The Rattler (Instrumental)3:24 
8. Shelf Life (Instrumental)3:09 
9. Slouch (Instrumental)3:12 
10. Story Of My Bros (Instrumental)3:15 
11. Hair Song (Instrumental)3:04 
12. Gospel Burnout (Instrumental)4:10 
13. Bloodsucker (Instrumental)4:21 
14. Evaporate (Instrumental)4:59 

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