Arista Heritage Series: Al Green

Arista Heritage Series: Al Green
by Al Green


1. Back Up Train (Remastered)2:19 
2. Hot Wire (Digitally remastered)2:57 
3. Stop And Check Myself (Digitally remastered)1:45 
4. Let Me Help You (Digitally remastered)1:46 
5. I'm Reachin' Out (Digitally remastered)2:45 
6. Don't Hurt Me No More (Digitally remastered)2:19 
7. Don't Leave Me (Digitally remastered)2:20 
8. I'll Be Good To You (Digitally remastered)2:15 
9. Guilty (Digitally Remastered)2:59 
10. That's All It Takes (Lady) (Digitally Remastered)2:22 
11. Get Yourself Together (Digitally remastered)2:28 
12. What's It All About (Digitally Remastered)2:00 
13. A Lover's Hideaway (Digitally Remastered)2:43 

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