1. Check It Out3:27 
2. The Judgement Day2:59 
3. That's The Sound That Lonely Makes3:43 
4. Strangers In Dark Corners3:58 
5. Too Late4:24 
6. She's Gone3:40 
7. Remember What I Told You To Forget4:13 
8. Hard Core Poetry4:27 
9. It Only Takes A Minute4:03 
10. Free Ride2:58 
11. The Love I Never Had3:28 
12. In The City3:15 
13. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel6:34 
14. Don't Take Away The Music6:13 
15. To The Other Man4:40 
1. Whodunit3:36 
2. (Goodnight My Love) Pleasant Dreams5:37 
3. Fool Of The Year3:23 
4. More Than A Woman3:28 
5. The Ghost Of Love5:59 
6. Timber5:19 
7. Never Had A Love Like This Before4:35 
8. Straight From Your Heart4:27 
9. Madam Butterfly4:32 
10. Bad Times7:12 
11. I Can't Go On Living Without You5:14 
12. Why Can't We Fall In Love4:08 
13. Love Uprising5:40 
14. Loneliness3:13 
15. Turn Out The Nightlight4:45 
16. Loveline4:23 

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