1. Chemistry of Love4:42 
2. A Change Is Gonna Come4:38 
3. Spellbound3:31 
4. If You Find the Time4:47 
5. Slow Down3:49 
6. If I Let Myself Go4:31 
7. Your Personal Touch5:50 
8. I'm Scared4:53 
9. High Horse4:29 
1. Slow Down (Remix)6:51 
2. Slow Down (Dub A)4:27 
3. Slow Down (Dub B)4:42 
4. Slow Down (Edited Remix Version)3:48 
5. Better Deal (7" Version)3:59 
6. Take a Chance (7")4:33 
7. Take a Chance (12" Version)5:22 
8. High Horse (Remix)6:13 
9. High Horse (Dub Version)6:01 
10. Give It Up (7" Single Version)3:51 
11. Give It Up (Killer Dance Mix)5:47 
12. Give It Up (Dub Mix)4:18 
13. Your Personal Touch (Edited Version)3:59 
14. Your Personal Touch (Dance Version)4:52 

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