1. My Heart Cries For You2:48 
2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Single Version)2:59 
3. The Roving Kind (Album Version)2:49 
4. Knee Deep in the Blues2:12 
5. Belle, Belle, My Liberty Belle (Album Version)2:26 
6. Pretty Little Black-Eyed Susie (Album Version)2:34 
7. There's Always Room At Our House (Album Version)2:45 
8. Chicka-Boom (Album Version)2:43 
9. Sparrow In The Tree Top (Album Version)3:14 
10. Christopher Columbus (Album Version)3:13 
11. My Truly, Truly Fair (Album Version)2:49 
12. She Wears Red Feathers (Album Version)3:09 
13. Feet Up Pat Him On The Po-Po (Album Version)2:42 
14. The Day Of Jubilo (Album Version)2:25 
15. Crazy With Love (Album Version)2:21 
16. Singing the Blues2:25 

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