100 Greatest American TV Themes

100 Greatest American TV Themes
by Various Artists


1. Honor (From “The Pacific")2:59 
2. Theme (From "The Wire")1:39 
3. Theme (From "John Adams")2:44 
4. Theme (From "Dexter")1:44 
5. Theme (From "Rome")1:29 
6. Theme (From "CSI: New York")2:45 
7. Theme (From "Desperate Housewives")0:42 
8. Theme (From "House M.D.")2:51 
9. Theme (From "Lost")3:44 
10. Theme (From "NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service")2:15 
11. California (From "The O.C.")3:15 
12. Theme (From "CSI: Miami")4:03 
13. Suite (From "24")4:38 
14. Theme (From "Band of Brothers")4:36 
15. Superman (From "Scrubs")3:27 
16. Theme (From "Six Feet Under")2:10 
17. Save Me (From "Smallville")4:05 
18. Theme (From "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation")2:36 
19. Frolic (From “Curb Your Enthusiasm")3:30 
20. Theme (From "The West Wing")0:55 
21. Theme (From "Sex And The City")0:40 
22. Theme (From "Buffy The Vampire Slayer")1:05 
23. Theme (From "Hercules - The Legendary Journeys")1:05 
24. Theme (From "Xena: The Warrior Princess")1:03 
25. Theme (From "E.R.")1:18 
1. I'll Be There For You (From "Friends")3:02 
2. Theme (From "Lois And Clark: The New Adventures of Superman")1:04 
3. Theme (From "NYPD Blue")3:06 
4. Theme (From "The X Files")3:28 
5. Theme (From "Melrose Place")3:09 
6. Theme (From "Blossom")3:02 
7. Theme (From "Law And Order")2:49 
8. Theme (From "Northern Exposure")3:13 
9. Theme (From "Twin Peaks")4:57 
10. Theme (From "Baywatch")2:31 
11. Theme (From "Doogie Howser, M.D.")2:40 
12. Theme (From "Quantum Leap")3:04 
13. Theme (From "The Simpsons")1:42 
14. Theme (From "Midnight Caller")2:47 
15. Theme (From "Roseanne")3:38 
16. Theme (From "Dallas")3:15 
17. Theme (From "L.A. Law")2:49 
18. Theme (From "Macgyver")2:38 
19. Theme (From "Airwolf")3:00 
20. Theme (From "The Cosby Show")2:37 
21. Theme (From "Highway To Heaven")3:20 
22. Crockett's Theme (From "Miami Vice")3:38 
23. Theme (From "Murder, She Wrote")2:55 
24. Theme (From "The A-Team")3:29 
25. Where Everybody Knows Your Name (From “Cheers")3:02 
1. Perseus (From "Clash of the Titans")1:19 
2. Theme (From "Police Squad")1:57 
3. Theme (From "St. Elsewhere")2:29 
4. Theme (From "Cagney and Lacey")2:10 
5. Theme (From "Dynasty")2:45 
6. Theme (From "Hill Street Blues")3:08 
7. Theme (From "Magnum P.I.")2:33 
8. Theme (From "Buck Rogers In The 25th Century")2:26 
9. The Good Ol' Boys (From "The Dukes of Hazard")2:23 
10. Maybe Tomorrow (From “The Littlest Hobo")2:39 
11. Theme (From "Battlestar Galactica")2:10 
12. The Lonely Man Theme (From "The Incredible Hulk")2:06 
13. Theme (From "Mork and Mindy")2:44 
14. Angela (From “Taxi")5:56 
15. Theme (From "The Love Boat")1:39 
16. Theme (From "Charlie's Angels")1:51 
17. Mahna Mahna (From "The Muppet Show")2:07 
18. Theme (From "The Muppet Show")1:17 
19. Theme (From "Starsky and Hutch")2:33 
20. Theme (From "Happy Days")1:17 
21. Theme (From "Little House on the Prairie")2:57 
22. Theme (From "The Rockford Files")3:18 
23. Theme (From "Wonder Woman")1:49 
24. Theme (From "Kojak")3:15 
25. Nadia's Theme (From "The Young And The Restless")3:42 
1. Suicide Is Painless (From "M.A.S.H.")3:07 
2. Theme (From "The Waltons")1:33 
3. Theme (From "Hawaii Five-0")3:22 
4. Theme (From "Land of the Giants")1:06 
5. Theme (From "The High Chaparral")1:14 
6. Theme (From "Ironside")3:59 
7. Theme (From "Batman")2:22 
8. Linus and Lucy (From "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show")2:23 
9. Theme (From "Mission: Impossible")4:15 
10. Star Trek - Original Tv Version2:23 
11. Theme (From "Get Smart")2:59 
12. Theme (From "I Dream of Jeannie")2:01 
13. Theme (From "Lost In Space")1:11 
14. Theme (From "The Addams Family")2:22 
15. Theme (From "Bewitched")0:42 
16. Theme (From "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.")2:49 
17. Theme (From "The Munsters")2:31 
18. Theme (From "The Jetsons")3:32 
19. Theme (From "Top Cat")1:38 
20. Theme (From "The Flintstones")1:35 
21. Theme (From "The Andy Griffith Show")0:53 
22. Theme (From "Rawhide")2:19 
23. Theme (From "The Twilight Zone")2:50 
24. Theme (From "Peter Gunn")2:48 
25. Theme (From "Perry Mason")4:05 

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