1. Ten Thousand Voices (with Francesco Turrisi)2:58 
2. Gonna Write Me a Letter (with Francesco Turrisi)4:04 
3. Wayfaring Stranger (with Francesco Turrisi)4:47 
4. there is no Other (with Francesco Turrisi)2:26 
5. Trees on the Mountains (with Francesco Turrisi)5:15 
6. Pizzica di San Vito (with Francesco Turrisi)2:07 
7. Brown Baby (with Francesco Turrisi)5:08 
8. Briggs' Forró (with Francesco Turrisi)4:04 
9. Little Margaret (with Francesco Turrisi)3:03 
10. Black Swan (with Francesco Turrisi)4:18 
11. I'm On My Way (with Francesco Turrisi)2:58 
12. He Will See You Through (with Francesco Turrisi)3:59 

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