1. Queen of Swords (Live)4:52 
2. Small World (Live)4:02 
3. Seasons of Love (Live)3:53 
4. It's Good to Be Back in Vegas! (Live)1:04 
Not Available
5. Don't Rain on My Parade (Live)4:10 
6. Cello & Keys (Live)1:17 
Not Available
7. Everybody Knows (Live)4:22 
8. Cake / Black Dog (Live)7:24 
9. I'm Not That Girl (Live)3:19 
10. Perfect Story (Live)4:30 
11. Wind Beneath My Wings (Live)3:50 
12. Defying Gravity (Live)4:27 
13. I Do (Live)4:08 
14. Bridge over Troubled Water (Live)5:10 
15. Rock Steady (Live)6:22 
16. I Sang at Your Mom's Wedding? (Live)7:33 
Not Available
17. No Day but Today (Live)3:44 
1. Dear Prudence / Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Live)5:26 
2. Thank You to the Band (Live)1:28 
Not Available
3. For Good (Live)1:58 
4. Let It Go (Live)4:56 
5. Every Time We Say Goodbye / I'll Be Seeing You (Live)6:00 
6. Sawubona (Live)1:17 
Not Available
7. I See You (Live)4:36 
8. Bridge over Troubled Water4:32 

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