1. Where Is It Written? (Album Version)4:52 
2. Papa Can You Hear Me? (Album Version)3:31 
3. This Is One Of Those Moments (Album Version)4:07 
4. No Wonder (Album Version)2:29 
5. The Way He Makes Me Feel (Album Version)3:46 
6. No Wonder (Part Two) (Album Version)3:19 
7. Tomorrow Night (Album Version)4:43 
8. Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way (Album Version)3:04 
9. No Matter What Happens (Album Version)4:04 
10. No Wonder (Reprise)1:06 
11. A Piece Of Sky (Album Version)4:20 
12. The Way He Makes Me Feel (Studio Version)4:10 
13. No Matter What Happens (Studio Version)3:18 

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