Ultraísta Remixes

Ultraísta Remixes
by Ultraísta


1. You're Out (Prefuse 73 Remix)5:27 
2. Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)6:03 
3. Gold Dayzz (FaltyDL Remix)3:53 
4. Wash It Over (ERAAS Remix)4:45 
5. Party Line (Canon Blue Remix)3:49 
6. Easier (Zammuto Remix)4:03 
7. Static Light (Matthew Herbert Remix)4:09 
8. Bad Insect (DC Sux Remix)4:18 
9. Our Song (Zero 7 Remix)6:42 
10. Strange Formula (David Lynch Remix)4:16 
11. Party Line (Nathan Fake Remix)4:50 
12. Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix)4:56 
13. Gold Dayzz (Boom Bip Remix)5:07 
14. Gold Dayzz (CHVRCHES Remix)4:18 
15. Smalltalk (Matthew Dear Remix)7:37 
1. Smalltalk (Sasha Involv3r Remix)10:11 

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