1. You're a Big Girl Now3:16 
2. Stop, Look, Listen To Your Heart2:52 
3. You Are Everything2:55 
4. Betcha By Golly, Wow3:18 
5. People Make the World Go Round3:33 
6. Country Living2:55 
7. If I Love You2:05 
8. I'm Stone in Love With You3:20 
9. Break Up to Make Up3:59 
10. You'll Never Get to Heaven (If You Break My Heart)3:34 
11. Peek-a-Boo2:54 
12. Ebony Eyes2:18 
13. If You Don't Watch Out2:36 
14. It's Too Late4:32 
15. You're Right As Rain3:47 
16. Pieces3:11 
17. Rockin' Roll Baby4:33 
18. Only for the Children4:38 
19. Pay Back is a Dog4:32 
1. You Make Me Feel Brand New5:29 
2. Let's Put It All Together2:57 
3. Heavy Fallin' Out5:16 
4. Jenny3:48 
5. Thank You Baby3:49 
6. Sing Baby Sing2:54 
7. Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)3:17 
8. Sixteen Bars3:39 
9. Funky Weekend3:16 
10. You Are Beautiful3:17 
11. Can't Help Falling In Love3:16 
12. Auld Lang Syne3:21 
13. Love Talk4:15 
14. Hang Your Teardrops Up To Dry4:42 
15. You're My Woman, You're My Lady3:43 
16. No One in the World3:45 
17. Just Like We Never Said Goodbye4:15 
18. Hurry Up This Way, Again4:51 
19. My Happiness4:13 

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