1. Take It Easy (Remastered)3:32 
2. Witchy Woman (Remastered)4:11 
3. Peaceful Easy Feeling (Remastered)4:18 
4. Desperado (Remastered)3:34 
5. Tequila Sunrise (Remastered)2:53 
6. Doolin-Dalton (Remastered)3:27 
7. Already Gone (Remastered)4:15 
8. The Best Of My Love (Remastered)4:35 
9. James Dean (Remastered)3:38 
10. Ol' 55 (Remastered)4:21 
11. Midnight Flyer (Remastered)3:58 
12. On The Border (Remastered)4:23 
13. Lyin' Eyes (Remastered)6:22 
14. One Of These Nights (Remastered)4:52 
15. Take It To The Limit (Remastered)4:47 
16. After The Thrill Is Gone (Remastered)3:57 
17. Hotel California (Remastered)6:31 
1. Life In The Fast Lane (Remastered)4:46 
2. Wasted Time (Remastered)4:56 
3. Victim Of Love (Remastered)4:10 
4. The Last Resort (Remastered)7:25 
5. New Kid In Town (Remastered)5:05 
6. Please Come Home For Christmas2:57 
7. Heartache Tonight (Remastered)4:26 
8. The Sad Cafe (Remastered)5:33 
9. I Can't Tell You Why (Remastered)4:55 
10. The Long Run (Remastered)3:41 
11. In The City (Remastered)3:45 
12. Those Shoes (Remastered)4:55 
13. Seven Bridges Road (Live Version)3:05 
14. Love Will Keep Us Alive4:03 
15. Get Over It3:32 
16. Hole In The World4:17 

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