1. Never Too Much3:52 
2. Give Me the Reason4:46 
3. Shine4:51 
4. Your Secret Love4:02 
5. Dance with My Father (Radio Version)4:26 
6. I Really Didn't Mean It4:28 
7. Stop to Love4:23 
8. Take You Out (Radio Edit & Album Version)3:26 
9. Got You Home3:39 
10. Power of Love / Love Power (Master Single Version)4:21 
11. So Amazing3:42 
12. Buy Me a Rose3:49 
13. Love the One You're With (Album Version)3:46 
14. Any Love4:25 
15. Always and Forever (Album Version)4:54 
16. The Closer I Get To You (Radio Edit)4:25 
17. Endless Love4:19 
18. Shine (Freemasons Radio)3:39 

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