1. The Smartest Intro3:05 
2. I Apologize3:18 
3. Trenches (feat. Big Sean)2:36 
4. Rap A Lot3:01 
5. The Funeral2:13 
6. Lions & Eagles (feat. Meek Mill)2:31 
7. No Witness2:26 
8. Picture of My City2:35 
9. Covid (feat. Lil Baby)2:28 
10. Timeless2:22 
11. Slime (feat. Lil Keed)2:57 
12. Everything1:54 
13. Double Standards2:21 
14. Daylight2:45 
15. Winning2:36 
16. Satish3:16 
17. Mr. Officer (feat. Queen Naija and members of the Detroit Youth Choir)2:58 

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