The Original Monster Mash

The Original Monster Mash
by Bobby "Boris" Pickett


1. Monster Mash3:12 
2. Rabian The Fiendage Idol2:54 
3. Blood Bank Blues2:47 
4. Graveyard Shift2:08 
5. Skully Gully2:00 
6. Wolfbane3:22 
7. Monster Minuet1:52 
8. Transylvania Twist1:35 
9. Sinister Stomp2:19 
10. Me & My Mummy2:42 
11. Monster Motion2:33 
12. Monster Mash Party2:53 
13. Irresistible Igor2:29 
14. Bella's Bash2:49 
15. Let's Fly Away0:45 
16. Monster's Holiday3:09 

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