The Definitive Collection

The Definitive Collection
by The Mavericks


1. This Broken Heart3:48 
2. From Hell To Paradise4:46 
3. Hey Good Lookin'2:37 
4. What A Crying Shame3:51 
5. I Should Have Been True5:11 
6. There Goes My Heart3:16 
7. O What A Thrill3:13 
8. All That Heaven Will Allow3:35 
9. Missing You3:29 
10. Here Comes The Rain3:49 
11. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down4:21 
12. The Writing On The Wall3:22 
13. Blue Moon4:30 
14. I Don't Care (If You Don't Love Me Anymore)3:07 
15. Dance The Night Away4:21 
16. Dream River3:48 
17. To Be With You3:52 
18. Rancho Grande (Live) 3:10 
19. Think Of Me (When You're Lonely)2:21 
20. Here Comes My Baby (Album Version) 3:12 

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