1. Searching8:02 
Not Available
2. The Glow of Love6:12 
Not Available
3. Never Too Much3:51 
4. If This World Were Mine5:24 
5. A House Is Not A Home7:08 
6. Bad Boy / Having a Party5:19 
7. Since I Lost My Baby5:23 
8. Promise Me4:42 
9. 'Til My Baby Comes Home5:33 
10. If Only For One Night/Creepin'8:21 
1. Superstar / Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)9:18 
2. Stop To Love5:10 
3. So Amazing3:43 
4. There's Nothing Better Than Love4:44 
5. Give Me the Reason4:44 
6. Any Love5:03 
7. I Really Didn't Mean It5:44 
8. Love Won't Let Me Wait7:19 
9. Treat You Right6:38 
10. Here and Now5:23 

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