The Best Of Nickelback Volume 1

The Best Of Nickelback Volume 1
by Nickelback


1. Photograph (GH Version)4:20 
2. How You Remind Me3:44 
3. Burn It to the Ground (GH Version)3:31 
4. Rockstar (GH Version)4:16 
5. Savin' Me (GH Version)3:38 
6. Figured You Out (GH Version)3:49 
7. Too Bad (GH Version)3:53 
8. If Today Was Your Last Day (GH Version)4:08 
9. Far Away (GH Version)3:59 
10. Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (GH Version)4:16 
11. Someday (GH Version)3:28 
12. Never Again (GH Version)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content4:21 
13. Lullaby (GH Version)3:48 
14. If Everyone Cared (GH Version)3:37 
15. Gotta Be Somebody (GH Version)4:13 
16. When We Stand Together (GH Version)3:11 
17. Animals (GH Version)3:06 
18. This Afternoon (GH Version)4:34 
19. Something in Your Mouth (GH Version)3:40 

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