1. Mad Love3:34 
2. Party Girl3:21 
3. How Do I Make You2:25 
4. I Can't Let Go2:40 
5. Hurt so Bad3:17 
6. Look out for My Love3:25 
7. Cost of Love2:39 
8. Justine3:57 
9. Girl's Talk3:21 
10. Talking in the Dark2:10 
1. Get Closer2:33 
2. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress3:05 
3. I Knew You When2:55 
4. Easy for You to Say (1999 Remaster)4:03 
5. People Gonna Talk2:39 
6. Talk to Me of Mendocino3:01 
7. I Think It's Gonna Work out Fine (with James Taylor)4:02 
8. Mr. Radio4:08 
9. Lies2:35 
10. Tell Him2:42 
11. Sometimes You Just Can't Win2:33 
12. My Blue Tears2:40 
1. What's New?3:58 
2. I've Got a Crush on You3:30 
3. Guess I'll Hang My Tears out to Dry4:15 
4. Crazy He Calls Me3:35 
5. Someone to Watch Over Me4:14 
6. I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance4:09 
7. What'll I Do?4:09 
8. Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?)4:23 
9. Goodbye4:51 
1. When I Fall in Love2:25 
2. Skylark3:10 
3. It Never Entered My Mind4:24 
4. Mean to Me4:14 
5. When Your Lover Has Gone4:24 
6. I'm a Fool to Want You4:46 
7. You Took Advantage of Me2:25 
8. Sophisticated Lady3:45 
9. Can't We Be Friends2:32 
10. My Old Flame3:29 
11. Falling in Love Again2:40 
12. Lush Life3:55 
1. When You Wish Upon a Star3:52 
2. Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered4:25 
3. You Go to My Head3:39 
4. But Not for Me5:28 
5. My Funny Valentine3:03 
6. I Get Along Without You Very Well4:18 
7. Am I Blue2:59 
8. I Love You for Sentimental Reasons3:44 
9. Staighten up and Fly Right2:16 
10. Little Girl Blue4:39 
11. 'Round Midnight4:23 
1. Por Un Amor (For a Love)3:01 
2. Los Laureles (The Laurels)2:30 
3. Hay Unos Ojos (There Are Some Eyes)2:48 
4. La Cigarra (The Cicada)3:50 
5. Tu Solo Tu (You Only You)3:12 
6. Y Andale (Get on With It)2:38 
7. Rogaciano El Huapanguero (Rogiciano)3:06 
8. La Charreada (The Charreada)3:45 
9. Dos Arbolitos (Two Little Trees)2:36 
10. Corrido DeCanenea (Ballad of Cananea)3:28 
11. La Barca De Guaymas (The Boat from Guaymas)3:25 
12. La Calandria (The Lark)3:04 
13. El Sol Que Tu Eres (The Sun That You Are) [1999 Remaster]3:04 
1. Still Within the Sound of My Voice (feat. Aaron Neville)4:32 
2. Cry Like a Rainstorm (feat. Aaron Neville)3:37 
3. All My Life (with Aaron Neville)3:31 
4. I Need You (feat. Aaron Neville)2:52 
5. Don't Know Much (with Aaron Neville)3:32 
6. Adios3:37 
7. Trouble Again (feat. Aaron Neville)3:19 
8. I Keep It Hid (feat. Aaron Neville)3:35 
9. So Right, so Wrong (feat. Aaron Neville)3:28 
10. Shattered (feat. Aaron Neville)2:54 
11. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (feat. Aaron Neville)3:52 
12. Goodbye My Friend (feat. Aaron Neville)3:47 

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