1. Stay5:25 
2. Set the Night on Fire4:21 
3. Love Will Show Us How4:11 
4. Be My Lady4:55 
5. Giving Myself to You5:36 
6. All Work No Play5:09 
7. Dangerous4:19 
8. Take It from Me5:15 
9. Talk Me Into It (Extended Dance Version)6:43 
10. Giving Myself to You (Extended East Coast Version)6:35 
11. Giving Myself to You (West Coast Version)5:02 
12. Giving Myself to You (Instrumental Version)6:03 
13. Set the Night on Fire (Extended Remix Version)5:02 
14. Stay (T.V. Track)5:27 
15. Stay (Edited Version)4:08 

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