1. Overture / Never Go Back (Live)6:03 
2. Lacrymosa (Live)3:41 
3. End of the Dream (Live)4:58 
4. My Heart Is Broken (Live)4:40 
5. Lithium (Live)3:59 
6. Bring Me To Life (Live)4:24 
7. Unraveling / Imaginary (Live)5:47 
8. Secret Door (Live)3:47 
9. Hi-Lo (Live)5:09 
10. Lost In Paradise (Live)4:48 
11. Your Star (Live)4:44 
12. My Immortal (Live)4:48 
13. The Inbetween / Imperfection (Live)6:53 
14. Speak To Me (Live)5:18 
15. Good Enough (Live)5:36 
16. Swimming Home (Live)3:48 

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