1. Growin' Up (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)2:05 
2. Growin' Up (Springsteen on Broadway)12:00 
Not Available
3. My Hometown (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content7:21 
4. My Hometown (Springsteen on Broadway)4:00 
5. My Father's House (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content4:29 
6. My Father's House (Springsteen on Broadway)6:23 
7. The Wish (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content6:10 
8. The Wish (Springsteen on Broadway)4:25 
9. Thunder Road (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content3:19 
10. Thunder Road (Springsteen on Broadway)5:28 
11. The Promised Land (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content11:35 
Not Available
12. The Promised Land (Springsteen on Broadway)4:02 
1. Born In the U.S.A. (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content8:09 
2. Born In the U.S.A. (Springsteen on Broadway)4:45 
3. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)1:10 
4. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Springsteen on Broadway)7:56 
5. Tougher Than the Rest (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)1:25 
6. Tougher Than the Rest (Springsteen on Broadway)4:30 
7. Brilliant Disguise (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)1:43 
8. Brilliant Disguise (Springsteen on Broadway)4:48 
9. Long Time Comin' (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)3:09 
10. Long Time Comin' (Springsteen on Broadway)3:55 
11. The Ghost of Tom Joad (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)3:28 
12. The Ghost of Tom Joad (Springsteen on Broadway)4:36 
13. The Rising (Springsteen on Broadway)4:33 
14. Dancing In the Dark (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)2:47 
15. Dancing In the Dark (Springsteen on Broadway)4:10 
16. Land of Hope and Dreams (Springsteen on Broadway)3:58 
17. Born to Run (Introduction) (Springsteen on Broadway)7:36 
18. Born to Run (Springsteen on Broadway)5:10 

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