1. Prologue0:28 
2. Bikini Bottom Day6:12 
3. No Control3:17 
4. BFF2:41 
5. When the Going Gets Tough2:47 
6. (Just a) Simple Sponge3:57 
7. Daddy Knows Best2:53 
8. Hero is My Middle Name3:15 
9. Super Sea Star Savior4:44 
10. Tomorrow Is3:31 
11. Poor Pirates3:49 
12. Bikini Bottom Boogie2:10 
13. Chop to the Top2:26 
14. (I Guess I) Miss You3:41 
15. I'm Not a Loser4:38 
16. Best Day Ever4:19 
17. Finale: Bikini Bottom Day Reprise2:04 
18. SpongeBob SquarePants Theme0:47 

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