1. On Golden Pond (Instrumental Version)4:26 
2. My Romance (Instrumental Version)3:17 
3. Watermark (Instrumental Version)4:11 
4. Over the Rainbow (Instrumental Version)2:24 
5. You'll Never Walk Alone (Instrumental Version)2:50 
6. Forest Gump - Feather Theme (Instrumental Version)2:11 
7. Walking in the Air (Instrumental Version)3:58 
8. How Do I Live (Instrumental Version)3:50 
9. Time in a Bottle (Instrumental Version)3:06 
10. Scenes from Summit (Instrumental Version)3:04 
11. Sunday's Reflection (Instrumental Version)2:58 
12. Day Dream Believer (Instrumental Version)2:18 
13. Daybreak (Instrumental Version)2:42 
14. Rainbow Hope Medley (Instrumental Version)8:02 
15. Moon River (Instrumental Version)4:12 

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