1. Songs for Judy (Intro)3:25 
2. Too Far Gone3:15 
3. No One Seems to Know2:29 
4. Heart of Gold2:54 
5. White Line2:45 
6. Love Is a Rose2:21 
7. After the Gold Rush4:16 
8. Human Highway3:04 
9. Tell Me Why3:34 
10. Mr. Soul3:07 
11. Mellow My Mind2:30 
12. Give Me Strength3:27 
13. A Man Needs a Maid4:54 
14. Roll Another Number2:23 
15. Journey Through the Past3:18 
16. Harvest2:43 
17. Campaigner3:31 
18. Old Laughing Lady5:18 
19. The Losing End3:53 
20. Here We Are In the Years3:54 
21. The Needle and the Damage Done2:28 
22. Pocahontas3:49 
23. Sugar Mountain6:08 

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