1. Don't Change (7" Remix)3:31 
2. I Don't Wanna Lose You (7" Remix)3:38 
3. Private Eyes (UK Mix)3:09 
4. I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)3:56 
5. Your Imagination (7" Remix)3:32 
6. Looking for a Good Sign (7" Remix)3:54 
7. One on One3:54 
8. Adult Education (7" Remix)3:58 
9. Out of Touch (Video Mix)4:29 
10. Method of Modern Love (Remixed Edited Version)4:15 
11. Possession Obsession (7" Remix)4:05 
12. Dance On Your Knees (7" Version)4:29 
13. Everything Your Heart Desires (7" Version)4:22 
14. Missed Opportunity (Radio Mix)4:46 
15. Starting All Over Again (Radio Remix)3:39 
16. Starting All Over Again (Unplugged Version)3:41 

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