1. Drinking Blues (Album Version)2:55 
2. Barbecue Bess (Album Version)2:39 
3. B.D. Woman's Blues (Album Version)2:57 
4. Baking Powder Blues (Album Version)2:57 
5. Tired As I Can Be (Album Version)2:35 
6. Groceries On The Shelf (78rpm Version)2:56 
7. Walkin' Blues (Album Version)2:54 
8. Skin Game Blues2:56 
9. Stew Meat Blues (Album Version)2:56 
10. Hungry Man's Scuffle (Album Version)2:45 
11. Watcha Gonna Do? (Album Version)2:57 
12. Jump Steady Daddy (Album Version)2:47 
13. Boogan Ways Blues (Album Version)2:54 
14. Reckless Woman (Album Version)2:54 
15. Pig Iron Sally (Album Version)2:57 
16. Man Stealer Blues (Album Version)3:02 
17. Shave 'Em Dry II (Album Version)2:47 
18. Shave 'Em Dry II (Album Version)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content3:22 
19. I'm Gonna Shave You Dry (Album Version)3:26 
20. Till The Cows Come HomeParental Advisory - Explicit Content2:53 

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