1. Tree of Life5:53 
2. Legend of Bell Rock4:43 
3. Song of Sheherazade5:36 
4. Daughter of the Sun6:11 
5. Oceanus4:46 
6. Across the River5:20 
7. The Wolf's Head4:49 
8. Temple of Isis6:18 
9. El Dorado5:21 
1. Tree of Life (Mysteries)5:53 
2. Legend of Bell Rock (Mysteries)4:43 
3. Song of Sheherazade (Mysteries)5:36 
4. Daughter of the Sun (Mysteries)6:11 
5. Oceanus (Mysteries)4:46 
6. Across the River (Mysteries)5:20 
7. The Wolf's Head (Mysteries)4:49 
8. Temple of Isis (Mysteries)6:18 
9. El Dorado (Mysteries)5:26 

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