1. When the House is Dark and Quiet3:07 
2. The Skatter Brak Flath who Lives in my Bath2:10 
Not Available
3. One Day My Best Friend Barbara Turned into a Frog2:22 
4. My Brother Thinks He's a Banana1:55 
5. Barnyard Stomp1:51 
6. Our Dog Bernard3:36 
Not Available
7. My Name is Hiram Lipshlitz0:08 
Not Available
8. Tomorrow2:29 
Not Available
9. All I Want is You2:56 
10. My Brother Threw Up On My Stuffed Toy Bunny2:40 
Not Available
11. For my Sister, Wherever I May Find Her4:00 
12. My Mommy Drives a Dump Truck1:53 
Not Available
13. Talking I've Got a Teacher and He's so Boring (or I Shall be Fre2:06 
14. I've Got a Dog and My Dog's Name is Cat1:29 
15. But I'm Just Thirteen2:54 
16. I've Got a Little Sister2:54 
17. The Apple of my Eye3:03 

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