Making a New World

Making a New World
by Field Music


1. Sound Ranging0:56 
2. Silence0:41 
3. Coffee or Wine3:04 
4. Best Kept Garden2:54 
5. I Thought You Were Something Else1:12 
6. Between Nations4:06 
7. A Change of Heir2:39 
8. Do You Read Me?4:21 
9. From a Dream, Into My Arms1:21 
10. Beyond That of Courtesy2:13 
11. A Shot to the Arm2:33 
12. A Common Language, Pt. 12:02 
13. A Common Language, Pt. 20:32 
14. Nikon, Pt. 12:35 
15. Nikon, Pt. 20:55 
16. If the Wind Blows Towards the Hospital1:28 
17. Only in a Man's World2:46 
18. Money Is a Memory3:33 
19. An Independent State2:41 

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