Live In Austin Texas

Live In Austin Texas
by The Mavericks


1. Dance the Night Away (Live in Austin, Texas)5:40 
2. Because of You (Live in Austin, Texas)3:02 
3. Think of Me (When You're Lonely) (Live in Austin, Texas)3:56 
4. The Things You Said to Me (Live in Austin, Texas)3:47 
5. Here Comes the Rain (Live in Austin, Texas)4:18 
6. San Jose (Live in Austin, Texas)3:56 
7. I Want to Know (Live in Austin, Texas)3:48 
8. What a Crying Shame (Live in Austin, Texas)4:09 
9. There Goes My Heart (Live in Austin, Texas)3:36 
10. Shine Your Light (Live in Austin, Texas)4:24 
11. Save a Prayer (Live in Austin, Texas)6:29 
12. Siboney (Live in Austin, Texas)4:08 
13. I Said I Love You (Live in Austin, Texas)4:37 
14. Every Little Thing About You (Live in Austin, Texas)6:01 
15. Volver Volver (Live in Austin, Texas)4:41 
16. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (Live in Austin, Texas)6:32 

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