1. Guitars, Cadillacs (Live)4:01 
2. Smoke Along the Track (Live)3:41 
3. What I Don't Know (Live)4:07 
4. Home of the Blues (Live)3:10 
5. 1,000 Miles (Live)4:25 
6. Please, Please Baby (Live)3:22 
7. Little Ways (Live)3:03 
8. Honky Tonk Man (Live)3:02 
9. Streets of Bakersfield (Live)3:29 
10. Buenas Noches From a Lonely Room (Live)4:37 
11. Always Late With Your Kisses (Live)2:20 
12. Little Sister (Live)3:52 
13. I Sang Dixie (Live)4:37 
14. This Drinkin' Will Kill Me (Live)4:24 

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