1. Straight Outta Cold Beer2:46 
2. She's Got a Way with Words3:11 
3. Bet You Still Think About Me3:55 
4. Every Time I Hear That Song3:35 
5. Came Here to Forget3:40 
6. Every Goodbye3:10 
7. It Ain't Easy3:30 
8. A Guy with a Girl3:10 
9. Go Ahead and Break My Heart (feat. Gwen Stefani)4:24 
10. Friends3:03 
11. One Night Girl3:40 
12. Doing It to Country Songs (feat. The Oak Ridge Boys)3:00 
13. Green3:10 
14. You Can't Make This Up3:29 
15. Savior's Shadow2:45 

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