1. I Will Survive8:02 
2. Honey Bee6:00 
3. Never Can Say Goodbye6:19 
4. Reach Out I'll Be There6:16 
5. Anybody Wanna Party?7:41 
6. Most Of All8:57 
7. This Love Affair4:15 
8. You're All I Need To Get By5:08 
9. Let's Make A Deal4:21 
10. I've Got You Under My Skin7:49 
11. Be Mine4:58 
1. Casanova Brown6:25 
2. (If You Want It) Do It Yourself5:57 
3. How High The Moon6:32 
4. Real Good People3:02 
5. Walk On By5:43 
6. What'll I Do4:34 
7. I Love You Cause5:03 
8. When You Get Around To It3:57 
9. Let Me Know (I Have A Right)8:21 
10. Tell Me How3:10 
11. I'm Still Yours3:29 
12. Don't Read Me Wrong3:49 
13. I Kinda Like Me4:31 
14. I Will Survive3:45 

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