1. Here I Go Again (Radio Version) 3:55 
2. Slide It In3:21 
3. Slow An' Easy6:11 
4. Love Ain't No Stranger4:20 
5. All Or Nothing3:44 
6. Gambler3:58 
7. Guilty Of Love3:26 
8. Hungry For Love3:30 
9. Give Me More Time3:45 
10. Spit It Out4:27 
11. Standing In The Shadow3:43 
12. Crying In The Rain5:37 
13. Bad Boys4:08 
14. Still Of The Night6:41 
15. Here I Go Again4:35 
16. Give Me All Your Love3:31 
17. Is This Love?4:45 
18. Children Of The Night4:24 
1. Straight For The Heart3:40 
2. Don't Turn Away5:12 
3. You're Gonna Break My Heart Again4:12 
4. Looking For Love6:33 
5. Give Me All Your Love (Single Version) 3:15 
6. Need Your Love So Bad3:18 
7. Slip Of The Tongue5:21 
8. Cheap An' Nasty3:30 
9. Fool For Your Loving4:11 
10. Now You're Gone4:13 
11. Kittens Got Claws5:03 
12. Wings Of The Storm5:03 
13. The Deeper The Love4:23 
14. Judgement Day5:17 
15. Slow Poke Music3:59 
16. Sailing Ships6:05 
17. Sweet Lady Luck4:35 

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