1. No Longer Slaves7:33 
2. The River Of The Lord5:41 
3. The Blood Hymns Medley2:47 
4. For Your Glory3:01 
5. For Your Glory3:37 
6. Fill My Cup Lord0:54 
7. Fill Me Up1:34 
8. Overflow1:37 
9. Put A Praise On It2:26 
10. Put A Praise On It5:46 
11. Put A Praise On it2:20 
12. Break Every Chain5:41 
13. I'm Free0:54 
14. You Know My Name2:01 
15. You Know My Name8:01 
16. Gracefully Broken5:42 
17. Dove's Eyes6:30 
18. I'm Getting Ready5:58 
19. God's About To Do It2:11 

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