1. Chicken Fried (Greatest Hits Version)3:57 
2. Whatever It Is (Greatest Hits Version)3:28 
3. Toes (Greatest Hits Version)4:21 
4. Free (Greatest Hits Version)3:49 
5. Highway 20 Ride (Greatest Hits Version)3:49 
6. As She's Walking Away (feat. Alan Jackson) [Greatest Hits Version]3:44 
7. Colder Weather4:34 
8. Knee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffett) [Greatest Hits Version]3:23 
9. Keep Me in Mind (Greatest Hits Version)3:34 
10. No Hurry (Greatest Hits Version)3:46 
11. The Wind (Greatest Hits Version)2:57 
12. Jump Right In (Greatest Hits Version)3:01 
13. Goodbye in Her Eyes (Greatest Hits Version)5:24 
14. Sweet Annie (Greatest Hits Version)4:39 

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