1. Workin' Together3:35 
2. Golden Time Of Day4:25 
3. Feel That You're Feelin'4:11 
4. Southern Girl4:02 
5. Running Away4:04 
6. Joy And Pain4:53 
7. Before I Let Go3:56 
8. Love Is The Key4:05 
9. Never Let You Down4:09 
10. We Are One4:06 
11. I Wanna Thank You3:59 
12. Back In Stride4:13 
13. Too Many Games4:00 
14. I Wanna Be With You4:21 
15. Happy Feelin's3:47 
16. Can't Get Over You4:41 
Not Available
17. Silky Soul6:46 
Not Available
18. The Morning After5:38 
Not Available

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