1. Jingle Bales Intro2:26 
2. Mr. Wop3:13 
3. M's on Ice3:10 
4. Drummer (feat. Kranium)2:03 
5. More3:09 
6. Magic City (feat. Asian Doll)3:47 
7. Dirty Dancer3:40 
8. Snow2:31 
9. She Miss Me (feat. Rich the Kid)2:37 
10. Brick Mason1:38 
11. Tony (feat. Quavo)2:34 
12. Gossip2:30 
13. Time Flies By2:18 
14. Slide (feat. Quavo)3:10 
15. 12 Days of Christmas1:53 
16. WWGD Outro2:14 

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