1. Testimony4:00 
2. This Forever2:41 
3. Identity Theft2:07 
4. Gnarly (feat. Lil Pump)3:06 
5. ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott & Offset)3:49 
6. Take One2:46 
7. MoshPit (feat. Juice WRLD)2:44 
8. Transgression2:15 
9. Malcolm X.X.X.3:16 
10. Calling My Spirit2:32 
11. In the Flesh3:09 
12. Close to the Grave3:42 
13. From the Cradle3:12 
14. If I'm Lyin', I'm Flyin'2:11 
15. Needing Something3:12 
16. Could of Been Different3:12 

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