1. Everyday (Live)2:46 
2. Castles in the Air3:43 
3. American Pie (Live)9:20 
4. Winterwood (Live)3:44 
5. And I Love You So (a duet with Nanci Griffith)5:19 
6. Addicted to Black4:26 
7. Crying3:50 
8. Empty Chairs4:13 
9. Since I Don't Have You2:36 
10. I Tune the World Out2:59 
11. Homeless Brother (Live)4:38 
12. Wonderful Baby2:16 
13. Have You Seen Me4:27 
14. I Was Always Young5:01 
15. Lovers Love the Spring2:44 
16. Words and Music3:09 
17. Left for Dead on the Road of Love2:59 
18. If I Hadn't Met You3:55 
19. If We Try (Live)4:08 
1. Crossroads (Live)3:54 
2. Vincent (Starry Starry Night) [Live]4:36 
3. Headroom4:15 
4. Prime Time5:04 
5. 1967 (Live)4:46 
6. Jerusalem (Live)4:33 
7. Superman's Ghost (Live)4:29 
8. Infinity (Live)4:53 
9. Magdalene Lane (Live)4:29 
10. Sea Man4:12 
11. The Statue3:20 

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