Confessions (Expanded Edition)

Confessions (Expanded Edition) (Expanded Edition)
by Usher


1. Intro0:47 
2. Yeah!4:10 
3. Throwback (featuring Jadakiss)4:47 
4. Confessions4:21 
5. Confessions Part II (Confessions Special Edition Version)3:32 
6. Burn (Confession Special Edition Version)3:52 
7. Caught Up3:45 
8. Superstar (Interlude)1:05 
9. Superstar (Confessions Special Edition Version)3:12 
10. Truth Hurts (Confessions Special Edition Version)3:38 
11. Simple Things (Confession Special Edition Version)4:41 
12. Bad Girl4:22 
13. That's What It's Made For4:38 
14. Can U Handle It? (Confession Special Edition Version)4:40 
15. Do It To Me (Confessions Special Edition Version)3:34 
16. Take Your Hand (Confessions Special Edition Version)2:46 
17. Follow Me (Confessions Special Edition Version)3:14 
18. My Boo3:44 
19. Red Light4:49 
20. Seduction4:34 
21. Confessions Part II Remix (Clean)4:29 

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