1. Tyler Got Him A Tesla0:42 
2. Can’t Say I Ain’t Country2:56 
3. Simple3:05 
4. Talk You Out Of It3:23 
5. All Gas No Brakes0:46 
6. Speed Of Love2:33 
7. Women3:32 
8. People Are Different3:34 
9. Told You3:58 
10. Sack’a Puppies0:40 
11. Y’all Boys2:32 
12. Small Town3:17 
13. Sittin’ Pretty3:06 
14. Catfish Nuggets0:50 
15. Can’t Hide Red3:02 
16. Colorado2:58 
17. Like You Never Had It2:59 
18. Swerve3:21 
19. Blessings3:19 

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