1. Breathing Slowly (Peaceful)1:35 
2. Convergence (Tranquil)2:37 
3. Coming Together (Calm)3:13 
4. The Simple Truth (Relaxing)1:57 
5. Living Entity (Healing)1:46 
6. Patient Universe (Restful)1:40 
7. End of the Story (Spiritual)1:12 
8. A Higher Calling (Thoughtful)1:32 
9. Story of Innocence (Relaxed)1:21 
10. Holding Hands (Serene)1:15 
11. Calm Spirit (Meditative)1:23 
12. The Last Time (Healthful)1:34 
13. When I See You (Soothing)1:03 
14. Internal Vision (Peaceful)1:15 
15. First Light (Tranquil)1:06 
16. Floating Free (Calm)1:54 
17. Simply Watching You (Relaxing)2:34 
18. Life on a Higher Plain (Healing)1:58 

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