1. Take Baseball And Shove It1:49 
2. G'Bye Ding A Ling2:55 
3. White Ford Bronco1:58 
4. You've Got A Brand New Pair Of Figure Skates1:54 
5. PLO & Israeli's2:06 
6. Grampa Loved The Rolling Stones3:02 
7. Cane 'Em Good1:51 
8. Michael Jordan Ain't Bo1:18 
9. Whitewater2:38 
10. D.W.I. Colorado1:53 
11. The Nafta Anthem2:19 
12. A BIg Ton O' Moola2:06 
13. There's Another Santa Claus2:01 
14. Walkin' 'Round In Women's Underwear1:56 
15. I Am Santa Claus3:22 
16. Manger 60:45 
17. O Little Town Of Bethlehem2:10 
18. I Came Upon A Roadkill Deer3:02 
19. Teddy The Red-Nosed Senator1:26 
20. Grahbe Yahbalz1:09 
21. A Letter To Santa2:42 
22. Jingle Hells Bells2:39 
23. The Kids2:18 
24. The Magical Kingdon Of Claus5:53 
25. The "What's It To Ya" Chorus2:38 
26. Didn't I Get This Last Year3:22 
27. The Under Tree World Of Jacques Cousteau3:02 
28. O Christmas Tree2:34 
29. The Twelve Pains Of Christmas3:42 
30. The Chimney Song2:12 
31. We Wish You Weren't Living With Us0:50 
32. Wreck The Malls2:05 
1. A Visit From St. Nicholson4:32 
2. O Come All Ye Grateful Dead-Heads1:26 
3. I'm Dressin' Up Like Santa (When I Get Out On Parole)3:09 
4. The Restroom Door Said, "Gentleman"1:36 
5. Foreigners2:09 
6. Joy To The World1:23 
7. A Message From The King2:18 

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