1. We Can Make It2:04 
2. Loving You Could Never Be Better (Album Version)3:06 
3. A Picture Of Me (Without You) (Album Version)2:33 
4. What My Woman Can't Do (Album Version)2:36 
5. Nothing Ever Hurt Me (Half As Bad As Losing You) (Album Version)2:20 
6. Once You've Had The Best2:39 
7. Her Name Is... (Album Version)2:19 
8. Old King Kong2:19 
9. Bartender's Blues (Album Version)3:45 
10. I'll Just Take It out in Love3:10 
11. Someday My Day Will Come (Album Version)2:32 
12. The Grand Tour (Album Version)3:06 
13. The Door2:42 
14. These Days (I Barely Get By) (Album Version)3:01 
15. Memories of Us3:13 
16. The Battle2:43 
17. He Stopped Loving Her Today3:16 
18. I'm Not Ready Yet (Album Version)2:58 
19. If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Album Version)3:10 
20. Good Ones And Bad Ones (Album Version)2:46 
21. Still Doin' Time (Album Version)2:49 
22. Same Ole Me (Album Version)2:52 

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